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We recommend children have an initial examination by an orthodontist when they are around 8 years old.

If they are not ready for orthodontic treatment, we will provide complimentary reviews to check on their progress until such time that they might need orthodontic treatment. This ensures we manage their dental health to the best of our abilities and at the appropriate time.

There is a better chance of picking up something early that can be remedied before it gets worse, thereby minimising the need for more comprehensive treatment further down the track.

Bad habits such as thumbsucking can be treated before it impacts upon their teeth alignment and growth.

Orthodontics does not only help straighten teeth for cosmetic reasons, it also helps with general dental health, by preventing gum disease, general wear and tear and helps with jaw problems and tooth chipping.

Convenience: Our opening hours on weekdays start from 7:30am till 6pm, and Saturday mornings as well.

We are also located close to North Sydney station and schools (Monte Sant Angelos, North Sydney Demonstration School, Loretto, St Aloyisus, Shore Grammar, etc).

Duration: Generally 6-24 months

No referral is needed
Check with your private health fund as your child may be eligible for rebates.
Please feel free to contact us to make that first appointment.


No referral required
Children from 8yrs old are recommended to have a check up with an orthodontist
Complimentary review appointments for those not yet ready for orthodontic treatment
Stop bad habits such as thumbsucking from creating bigger problems in the future
Early interceptive treatment can range from 6-24 months in duration