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Planning for your special day?

Have the confidence to be your best on your special day.

We recommend if you are considering straightening your teeth, to come in for a consultation at least 9 months before the big day. The earlier the better of course.

Some treatments may take less time, but the sooner you have the first consultation, the more time you have to make your smile perfect, and keep yourself organised!

Of course, it’s not only for weddings, but any special event you would like to look your best at.

Teeth straightening comes in many different forms, including ones that can’t be seen by others!

IncognitoTM is a new “hidden braces” system that is placed behind your teeth, so when you smile, no one will notice that you have braces on!
Even if treatment is not completely finished by the time your special day comes around, you can still smile for the cameras with confidence.

We also have ceramic braces, which blend in with your natural teeth colour, making it very inconspicuous.

Aligner systems are an alternative to braces, which we also have available. Removable, clear, sequential mouthguards are used to straighten your teeth.

Convenience: We are open weekdays from 7:30am till 6pm, during lunch hours, and Saturday mornings. Braces adjustment appointments usually only last 10-15mins every 6-8 weeks. You are more than welcome to come in before or after work, or during your lunch break!
We are also located close to North Sydney station.

Treatment Duration: can range from 6 to 30 months
Please feel free to contact us to make that first appointment.


Plan at least 9 months ahead. Braces can take around 6-30 months
See your orthodontist for an initial consultation to see what treatment would be best for you
Celebrate the auspicious day with not only a brilliant smile, but great foundations for good dental health

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