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Have the confidence to be your best!

Embarrassed to smile in front of others? Not confident enough to take the spotlight?

Build your confidence in work and life with a brilliant smile. People with great smiles are generally perceived as happy, confident, friendly and successful. All the qualities potential employers would love in their company or as co-workers.

It’s never too late to seek orthodontic help. Advances in technology have greatly changed the ways teeth can be straightened.

Braces are now smaller and more comfortable than ever before. There are more inconspicuous methods such as ceramic braces (braces that blend in with your natural teeth colour), or lingual braces (hidden behind your teeth so no one will know), and clear aligner systems. You can continue your everyday life without any embarrassment.

Orthodontics does not only help straighten teeth for cosmetic reasons, it also helps with general dental health, by preventing gum disease, general wear and tear and helps with jaw problems and tooth chipping.

Convenience: We are open weekdays from 7:30am till 6pm, during lunch hours, and Saturday mornings. Braces adjustment appointments usually only last 10-15mins every 6-8 weeks. You are more than welcome to come in before or after work, or during your lunch break!
We are also located close to North Sydney station.

Duration: Generally 6-30 months

No referral is needed
Check with your private health fund as you may be eligible for rebates.
Please feel free to contact us to make that first appointment.


No referral required
People of any age are suitable for orthodontic treatment
Advanced technology means more comfortable and less conspicuous braces and alternative treatments are available
Not just for cosmetic reasons, but it can also help with jaw problems, chipped teeth and preventing gum disease
We can fit around your schedule, during lunch, or before and after work
Treatments can range from 6 to 30 months