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How COVID-19 will affect your orthodontic treatment

Dear patients and our local community,

As of Wednesday, 28th July 2021, the NSW government has announced strict lockdown restrictions put in place till end of August 2021.

We will be closed from 26th June till when lockdown is lifted. We will be postponing all appointments during this period, unless it is for an emergency.

If you have anything sharp affecting your gums or cheek, please contact us via email at admin@justorthodontics.com.au.

Broken braces are not considered an emergency unless you are not able to bear it until your next appointment.

We would like to ask our patients to keep up with their oral hygiene with good tooth brushing. 

For those with braces:
– We recommend using some dental wax to cover anything annoying or scratchy.
– If the wire at the back has popped out and is digging into the gum, please try using pliers to guide the back end of the wire and thread it through the last brace, or try using nail clippers to trim the sharp end. If you are unable to, please contact us.

For those with aligners:
– Notify us if you are on the last aligner we have issued you. If you are due to come in to pick up your next aligners during the period we will be closed, we will be in touch with Dr Fong’s recommendations. Please keep wearing your last aligner until we see you next.

We hope everyone is staying safe and well, and being considerate of others and their wellbeing.

— Just Orthodontics Team